Many people we have talked to mention that their #1 obstacle in buying a home is based on not having a down payment.  Many are pleasantly surprised when I tell them about programs available that can help them with their down payment.  The 2 main programs can help someone buy a home with zero percent down to Half a Percent Down.  Current FHA down payment requirements are 3.5% and conventional loans are at 5%.  If you were to buy a home without utilizing a down payment assistance program for $200,000, the down payment would be $7,000 to $10,000.  With a grant, the down payment would be zero down to $1,000 down.

The next question is how do I qualify?   This brings up reason #2 that most people do not buy a house.  A 640 FICO score is the starting point for assistance and 580 if you have your own down payment.  A lender can be a good source to determine where you stand and if need be, what you need to do to buy a home.  Many people I talk to who are not able to buy a home would have been in a different position today if they had followed a credit plan 6 months ago.  

As always, my team and I are here to help.

Orlando Sagarnaga